Jumping Over The Fence – From Consultant to Nonprofit Staff

Jumping Over The Fence to Nonprofit Staff

 “All things change; nothing perishes.” — Ovid

I’ve been a nonprofit consultant and trainer specializing in marketing communications, fundraising and event management for many years. In early April I accepted a challenge – to return to the other side of the fence and become an interim executive director.

I am working with the DeKalb County Police Alliance, which was formed by business and civic leaders to support the work of DeKalb police officers.  An independent, non-profit organization, the vision is to make DeKalb County and its incorporated cities the best and safest place to live and work.

What a challenge! I had forgotten how all encompassing it is to serve as the only staff person. My charge includes developing a viable marketing plan and leading the implementation while preparing for the organization’s 4th Annual Gala Police Officers Ball.

As is so often the case with nonprofits, it seemed as if everything needs to be touched at the same time – growing the board, establishing best practices for board management, addressing the website and on-line fundraising, engaging and retaining sponsors, etc.

Will there be change? Absolutely! And, I’ll be the person advocating change. But, I won’t be doing so alone. My intent is to build on the organization’s collaborative environment. 

So, please stay tuned. I will blog about our progress and lessons relearned along the way. If you find that anything resonates with you or your organization, please let me know.